Middle School: 6th - 8th Grade

Cooking with UU

Ages 7-12
10:45-11:45 AM (Families begin together in the service)
June 2-August 18, 2019 Room S5

Food can teach us so much about our Unitarian Universalist Principles, Sources and history. Each week the children will hear a story highlighting our UU values and prepare foods featured in the text. Themes will include Unitarian Universalism, helping each other, living in community, being adventurous, sharing, and the importance of family. 


Across the Divide

Ages 13+
10:45-11:45 AM (Families begin together in the service) June 2 - August 18, 2019 Room E2 (next to the library)

How do you talk to someone whose opinions are markedly different from yours?  Teens will spend the summer learning to interact with those with opposing viewpoints on religious, moral and political topics, and practice listening deeply, employing empathy and expressing opinions in a non-combative manner. Some mornings will also include projects and activities chosen by the teens.

Riddle and Mystery


6th-8th Graders
10:45-11:45 AM (Families begin together in the service)
Late August - May Room 8 (“Big Room” of the Portable Bldg.)

Our middle school class will tackle life’s big questions this spring.  They will begin building their individual spiritual paths by examining questions such as What is God like? What happens after I die? and What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?