High School Youth

Across the Divide

Across the Divide summer 2019.jpg

Ages 13+
10:45-11:45 AM (Families begin together in the service) June 2 - August 18, 2019 Room E2 (next to the library)

How do you talk to someone whose opinions are markedly different from yours?  Teens will spend the summer learning to interact with those with opposing viewpoints on religious, moral and political topics, and practice listening deeply, employing empathy and expressing opinions in a non-combative manner. Some mornings will also include projects and activities chosen by the teens.

Coming Of Age (COA)

Grades 9 & 10 (older teens are welcome with permission)
10:45-noon (Families begin together in the service) August 25, 2019 - May 24, 2020 Portable Building


Now enrolling for 2019-2020! Click here for information about next year’s group: COA 2020 FAQ

COA is a yearlong exploration of beliefs, values and religious identity, much like the Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Confirmation year in other faith traditions. The three main areas of study include:

  • Unitarian Universalist history and traditions, and the Six Sources and Seven Principles

  • Great religious questions, such as “Is there a God?” or “Why are we here?”

  • How to live as a part of a church community

At the end of the course, each youth crafts a statement of personal belief and action called a Credo. The class plans and presents a worship service in late spring and presents their Credos to the congregation. The year culminates in a heritage trip to the Boston area in early summer to visit sites important to Unitarian Universalism including Walden Pond and Harvard University. They’ll have some fun, too, exploring Boston, riding the T (subway) and seeing a performance of the Blue Man Group.


Grades 9-12
10:45-noon (Families begin together in the service)
Late August - May in Room S7 (Khaki and pink classroom)

Our high school class welcomes teens throughout the school year. It emphasizes spiritual deepening, social action, worship, leadership and community building. Working alongside their youth advisors, teens play an integral part in planning their own programming.

High School Youth Group

Grades 9-12 (Times and location vary month to month)

Our teens have monthly social events September-May outside the church for fun and fellowship. The group also participates in charitable activities/social action. A summer pool party is in the works - check back for details.

Summer Service Trip

TBA - check back for details

High School youth can participate in a summer service-learning trip. The trip for summer 2020 is TBD.

In July 2019 teens traveled to New Orleans and the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal. The teens learned about racial and environmental justice issues, and spent time in the community helping others. 

In June 2018 Horizon youth traveled to Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas and experienced what it is like to live in a developing country by spending time in their Global Village. The teens also explored income inequality, world hunger and how they could make a difference in their own communities.