Sunday Worship

Sunday Mornings for Our Children and Youth

We are happy to welcome you to Horizon on Sunday morning! Our Sunday Services begin at 10:30 AM and last until approximately 11:45 AM. 

Our Greeters: Upon entering, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of our helpful Greeters. The Greeters can be recognized by the “Greeter” ribbon on their name tags. If these informative people cannot answer your question, they can direct you to the appropriate person.

Class times for Children and Youth:  Horizon provides religious education classes for all children in preschool-twelfth grade during the worship service. 

Nursery and Preschool: Our Nursery and Preschool open at 10:20 AM. Children in these age groups (any age up to 5 years) can proceed to their classrooms at this time. Please sign your child in before leaving for the service.

Kindergarten-12th Grade:
Children in Kindergarten through twelfth grade are invited to worship with their parents for the first 15 minutes of the service beginning at 10:30 AM.  At 10:30, you will hear a gong. This instrument welcomes everyone who is not already in class into the sanctuary. At this time, worship will begin. 

After the Conversation with the Children, all of the children in the sanctuary will leave the service for their classes. The congregation will sing a song, and the children will exit through the side or back  doors to their Religious Education classes. The Director of Lifespan Religious Education is usually standing at this door to welcome the children and assure that each child is ready to go to class and arrives safely at the correct classroom. 


Pickup Procedures: When the service is over, parents of children from preschool to fifth grade are encouraged to greet their children in their classrooms or on the playground about 10 minutes after the end of the service. If the classroom door is closed, that is the signal that the class is still in session and needs a few more minutes.  If your child was in the nursery or preschool, be sure to sign them out before leaving.

When class is over, children and adults alike are invited to join us for coffee and conversation in the

Fellowship Hall or to attend the After Church Lunch Bunch,

which gathers in the apex of the foyer after church.

What if I want my child to stay with me?  At Horizon, we welcome and encourage children to worship with their parents/guardians, regardless of age, at any time.

If you have a very young child, please feel free to use the tables and chairs in the Fellowship Hall during service if you need special time with your little one. You will be able to see and hear the service from this perspective. If you need extra privacy, please feel free to use the office of the Director of Lifespan Religious Education. It is furnished with chairs for your comfort. For changing needs, the nursery houses a changing table and disposal unit. 

Horizon and its Religious Education Program welcome your family and its specific needs. If we can make you more comfortable or be in any way more helpful, please feel free to contact the staff. We are happy to make sure your family feels at home here!

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