OWL - Our Whole Lives

Our Whole Lives comprehensive sexuality education

Our Whole Lives is a comprehensive, science-based health and sexuality curriculum for all ages across the lifespan. The program focuses on four underlying values: 

Children should be loved and cared for. They should be respected and valued as unique individuals. 
Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living. Children learn about sexuality beginning at birth and throughout the rest of their lives. 
Children learn about sexuality from how people touch them, talk to them, and expect them to behave as males and females. The messages that children receive affect their future attitudes, values, and behaviors. 
Information about sexuality, human development, and sexual health should be presented to children in positive, accurate, and developmentally appropriate ways. 

We at Horizon stress that the parents are the first source of information for children regarding issues of health and sexuality, and we foster a strong partnership through open dialog between children and adult family members.  A parent orientation is required for all OWL classes prior to the first day of class. 

All OWL instructors are required to attend a 72-hour training course and are subject to background and reference checks.

                                                OWL Classes 2018-19

Our Whole Lives for 10-12 year olds

10 sessions: September-November 2018   

Our Whole Lives or OWL is a comprehensive sexuality program which teaches factual, age-appropriate information about human sexuality and relationships. Steeped in Unitarian Universalist values and encompassing the heart, mind and spirit, this program prepares preteens to navigate the physical and emotional changes of puberty.

Our Whole Lives for 8/9th Graders

August 2018-May 2019

Thirteen and 14 year olds learn to clarify personal values as they explore spiritual, emotional, physical, and social aspects of sexuality.  The class is approached with frankness about sex and sexuality while maintaining a level of respect and appropriateness.  This class is a yearlong course offered every year at 10:45AM.  Due to the sensitive nature of this course, visiting eighth and ninth graders visiting mid-year are invited to join our middle or high school class.

Coming in January 2019:

Our Whole Lives for High School

10 sessions January-April 2019     

OWL for high school students reviews and builds on the information presented in 8th grade.  The focus of the course shifts to meet the needs of high school students with an emphasis on relationships and emotions around sexuality. Having taken Eighth grade OWL not a requirement to enroll in this course.

Upcoming OWL courses planned for 2019-2020 school year:

-8/9th Grade OWL: August 2019-May 2020

-Kindergarten and First Grade OWL: January-March 2020