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By exhibiting the work of local artists we support the visual arts in our community, as well as enhance the spiritual experience of all who view the work in our church. We celebrate the spirit, talent and unique creativity of the artists whose work we exhibit. The art work is available for purchase. If you would like to purchase an art piece, please contact the artist or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current Exhibition

Artist: Julie Mortilarro


Artist Biography

Julie Mortillaro is a self-taught textile, collage and book artist.  Her passion for art began as a young girl with her love of horses. She spent hours, not only riding, but sketching horses as well.  After high school, she left art and horses behind to go to college to study both psychology and business.  Years later, her desire to create surfaced once again.  She now spends her free time painting and turning upcycled materials into works of art.

Her work is characterized by the use of paper, fabric, stitching and found objects, which form the basis for her artwork and journals as well.  She has a special love for repurposing unwanted garments and fabrics, which she uses in most of her textile and book art. 

Julie resides in Plano, Texas with her husband and two daughters.  Her artwork has been featured in various exhibits throughout the DFW area and can also be found in private and corporate collections.  

Artist Statement 

My passions are textile art, mixed media collage and book art. The first work I ever sold was a collage of a poppy field, so collage will always be my first love. I originally started out using paper in my collages, then I discovered fabric.  Now I love mixing the two, which really is the best of both worlds for me. I believe that something magical happens when fabric, paper and stitching are combined.

I believe that one does not need a traditional canvas to create a work of art.  An unwanted book or a piece of fabric can become the perfect foundation for a beautiful piece of art.  A canvas can be just about anything.  The only limit is one’s imagination. 

Recent Exhibitions

Thea Morton                            

Thea was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1927. The daughter of an oral surgeon, she and her sister, Ruth, attended the Rudolf Steiner School in Caputh until it was closed by the Nazis in 1936. After which they returned to a Jewish boarding school, also in Caputh, where they had attended kindergarten. Of note: while living in Caputh, their friend and neighbor was Albert Einstein until 1933 when he chose to stay in the United States after Hitler came to power.

In 1938 the Nazis attacked the school and forced the teachers to lead the students back to Berlin. Thea's mother had previously left Germany for England and after Kristallnacht arranged for Thea and Ruth to escape with an English diplomat leaving the British Embassy.

In England the young girls were helped by outstanding individuals and organizations. They attended boarding schools in the country while London and other areas were being bombed.

At 18 Thea was able to attend the London Chelsea School of Art, learning life drawing and painting. They were taught by painters from Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia and Germany. In 1945 she studied and worked at nursing in London at St. Stephen's Hospital until obtaining her license in 1949.

Their father had immigrated to America and advised them to join him in Los Angeles at his home. In 1952 she immigrated to the United States working as a nurse while obtaining her California Registration of Nursing license.

Japanese American, Sueo Serisawa, one of the leading figures in modernism, was her teacher, friend and mentor for oil painting. Attending his class was her great honor and joy. In 1961 Thea married Jerry Kline and had a son, Stephen Robert. They moved to Simsbury, Connecticut in 1969. Then, the family moved to Greenville, South Carolina in 1970. She obtained a Certificate of Fine Arts from the Greenville, South Carolina County Museum school of fine art. She was involved in many shows and obtained four honorable mentions and had work in some public and private collections.

In 1976 Thea moved to Houston, Texas, continuing to work in healthcare. She joined the Art League and continued sketching indoors and plein air.

In 1989 Thea married Frank P. Morton in the Woodlands, Texas. The couple moved to Oklahoma City in 1992 where she continued sketching with groups at the Oklahoma City Arts Center and joined a figure painting studio group, who had both nude and clothed models. While Frank and Thea toured the country it enabled her to sketch at 70 mph as he was driving.

In 2000 Thea and Frank moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico where Frank's sister and family resided. The mountain and desert scenery was very impressive and influential allowing Thea to enjoy more plein air. Painters who influenced her are Vincent van Gogh, many expressionists and post impressionists.

In 2013 Thea and her late husband, Frank, moved to Lewisville, Texas.

Artist Statement

“My energies are directed toward communicating the relationship between external reality and internal feeling for organic form.”

Recent Exhibitions

Allen Crenshaw   

My professional life has centered on photography and digital art, either in my own Denison studio or teaching at the college and high school level.  Retirement has allowed me the freedom to expand my love for computer creations, especially abstract expressionism.

This finished art began life as a digital photograph -created by me- and through my imagination has evolved into something quite different than the original, making it a totally unique image for your home or office.

From THEN to NOW

1955 - First pictures with first camera (early Polaroid). They were generally terrible, but hey, I was young.

1962 - Photographed fellow Marines, with same Polaroid, to send home to their girl friends.

1963-1966 Studied Journalism and Photography at North Texas State University. Photographed the Beach Boys and Lovin’ Spoonfulls backstage.

1966-1968 Sports Editor then Chief Photographer for Temple (Texas) Daily Telegram where I was awarded The Associated Press Managing Editors’ Prize for Best Sports Photograph of the Year. Photographed President Lyndon Johnson and the Dallas Cowboy’s home games.

1968-1970 Attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  Photographed Bob Hope and Tom Jones.

1970-1992 Crenshaw Studio (Denison, TX). As a north Texas photographer, I created images of people, places, and things from Central Texas to Southern Oklahoma (including Reba McIntire), covered the World Cup in gymnastics, earned a BA and MAT from Austin College, taught photography for 3 years at Austin College, and earned a MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER accreditation from the PPofA.

During this period, there were numerous showings of my work at such places as The AfterImage Gallery in Dallas, Rod and Gun, Tanglewood, and Woodlawn Country Clubs and various local festivals and fairs .  Frequently, I partnered with noted Sherman artist, Missy Soffey with our shows called BRUSH & LENS.

1992 -2008 - Taught Journalism, Photography and Computers at Brenham High School in Brenham, TX and Newman Smith High School in Carrollton, TX.  In 1998, I was named one of the top 11 journalism advisers in the nation by Dow Jones.

2008 – present - Retired, diagnosed with early stage Alzheimers’, and joined a wonderful dementia support group in Carrollton called Candle Lighters. In 2015, I moved to Denison and began showing my Digital Expressions in local galleries and restaurants, as well as one previous show here at Horizon UU. 

Artist Nancy Sterling Tyler

Artist Nancy Sterling Tyler just loves to paint outdoors!  Second best is painting in the studio, but plain air is the favorite.  The first attempt at painting outdoors was in the mid 1980’s at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in a workshop with ten people that actually knew what they were doing.  Nancy was hooked but many years passed before getting into the experience again.  She picked up her brushes to start over in 2008 and has no regrets. 

Nancy was born in nearby Collin County, growing up in Frisco and is a member of the Visual Arts League of Lewisville and Outdoor Painters Society. 

(A new exhibit every six weeks)

To Purchase Art

Horizon receives twenty percent of each sold piece of art. To purchase an artwork, please contact the artist. If paying by check, make out the check to the artist. (Be sure to make a notation on your check about the piece of art you are buying and mark the card below the piece of art “SOLD.”) Horizon Art Coordinators, Patti Burns or Nikki Henderson are happy to assist you.

Guidelines for our Exhibitions:

Our space can accommodate 15 – 20 large to medium works of art and more smaller works, depending on size.

Each exhibition is for 6 weeks beginning on a Sunday, and the work must be hung during the week prior, and picked up promptly during the week following the show.

Any work sold, generates a 20% commission to the church.

Two dimensional work only.

Must be ready to hang, with wire, no sawtooth.

Nothing over 50 lbs.

Any theme or subject matter will be considered.

Any medium.

If you are interested in submitting work for consideration, please email images or furnish a link to a website where the work may be viewed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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