Our Memorial Garden

May this Garden feel our silent steps
As we walk her Labyrinth and paths
And echo our laughter as we celebrate life.
May it hold the voices of our young as they frolic in its beauty,
And may wedding parties bring joy to dwell here.
May it be sanctified by our lives and by our foot-falls.
May it hold up our bodies young and old
and receive us back into its fertile fold
when our days are done.

Horizon UU Memorial Garden

It is one of humanity’s more noble traits that we have shown respect for our dead. From time before memory, our departed have been interred with honor, accompanied by food, amulets and tools for the journey into the next world. Here in our memorial garden future generations will be able to remember our generation, our names written on our memorial wall.

It is a sacred place for meditation and prayer, and for remembering those whose lives have been lived. It is a place in nature where we may feel connected to our Source and Sustenance. It is a place where the circle of life is enacted everywhere we look. It is a place where we may be reminded that life is short, and an encouragement to live it meaningfully.

The labyrinth is a symbol of our spiritual journey into our soul’s interior, complete with its twists and turns. At the center there is a resting place where we may reflect on our inner life. The labyrinth also leads back out into the world where we may engage life in community with a more deliberate response from the heart.

Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church is a community of life, of love and companionship. For those who bring their loved one’s ashes here, we provide a final resting place to bring them home where they will forever be accepted and cherished.

Please contact the Church Office for more information about Horizon’s Memorial Garden

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Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church
1641 W. Hebron Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 492-4940

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