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Committee on Ministry
The Committee on Ministry is on hiatus during the Interim period. It will resume its duties when a settled Minister is in place.

The Committee on Ministry (COM) serves the church by assisting the Board of Trustees to develop and renew the Church’s strategic vision, by ensuring an ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of all Church ministries, and by facilitating resolution of Church relationship issues.  The COM recognizes all the activities of the church as shared ministries.  It seeks to empower each ministry to set goals and assess its progress towards them using a positive mission driven approach.

The areas of shared ministry are as follows:
Spiritual Development – “Love is the doctrine of our church; the quest for truth is its sacrament.”  The primary functions of this ministry are worship and spiritual growth. 

Outreach – “And service is its prayer, to dwell together in peace… in harmony with the earth.”  The primary functions of this ministry are helping the world outside our walls and sharing our message. 
Religious Education – “To seek knowledge in freedom.”  The primary functions of this ministry are educational programming, support, and forums for children, youth and adults.  

Membership and Pastoral Care – “To serve humanity.”  The primary functions of this ministry are to help people feel welcome and cared for as part of our church community.  
Administration – “Thus do we covenant together.”  The primary functions of this ministry are church leadership, finances, facilities, grounds and administrative staff.  

We are impressed by the dedication and commitment of our congregants to the many groups and activities that make Horizon such a vibrant, spiritual church.  We hope that focusing on how each one of these groups/activities contributes to our church will affirm and promote the quality of Horizon’s lay and professional ministries.

Financial Commitments


Making a Financial Commitment
To Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church

The financial health of our church community at Horizon is determined by the generosity of our members and friends. Approximately 76% of all of the church’s income is obtained from yearly pledges made by members and friends during the yearly Commitment Campaign (pledge drive/canvass).

During the Commitment Campaign, typically held in January and February, we ask each member and friend to pledge their monthly financial support for the following church year (July 1 through June 30). As a new member, we ask that you make a pledge for the remaining month of the current church fiscal year.

The next logical question is “How much should I give?” Horizon has established a Giving Guideline that is listed on our Pledge Form. Please review the guideline carefully—it was developed by Horizon members and is similar to guidelines at other Unitarian Universalist churches. Our ultimate goal is to encourage our members to consider pledging 5% of their adjusted gross income.

However, this is a guideline; we are aware that some of our member may not be able to give at the guideline level while others are able to exceed it. Please know that if your financial situation changes after you have made your pledge, you can inform our Accounting Clerk or our Treasurer that you wish to change your pledge. We ask that you try to make your pledge within 90 days of signing the membership book.

Please also be aware that Horizon does not refuse membership to those who, due to financial hardship, are unable to provide financial support. Please feel free to discuss your situation with our minister, Dennis Hamilton. You may mail your Pledge Form to the church or drop it off in the Church Administrator’s box in the church office. All pledge information is confidential.

Horizon has other fund raising activities during the year. Most important are our two service auctions, PASTA and FIASCO. Members contribute dinners at their home, theater tickets, boat rides, game nights, bridge afternoons, etc. and other member bid on them. In addition to supporting the church, these events provide ways to meet other members. All money raised goes to support the programs of Horizon.

Horizon recently expanded its facilities. Members funded this expansion with additional contributions over several years. Our church has had rapid growth since it’s beginning in 1986, mainly because of our vision to bring the values of Unitarian Universalism to the larger community. The enthusiasm, commitment and generosity of Horizon’s members have allowed us to grow and bring UUism to North Texas. We invite you to make your financial commitment and join us in this endeavor!

Treasurer – Jan McDowell; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Menaca Padakandla - Accounting Clerk; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Administrator – Rebecca Stanczak; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church
1641 W. Hebron Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 492-4940

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