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Equips our congregations with the effective leadership and training they need to build and nurture strong, dynamic congregations for the 21st century throughout the South.

Our Vital Faith

At this very moment in time the values of Unitarian Universalism, hope, love, justice, courage and joy are desperately needed.  The world needs us and we need one another more than ever before.  

Come into this gathering of hope.  See how the future might form under the leadership of a new UUA President.   We will be gathering questions for the three UUA Presidential Candidates prior to the gathering.  Don’t miss hearing them address the future of Unitarian Universalism.  

Come into this gathering of Love.  Congregational Presidents join into the discussion with the other presidents so that you have the support and network you need in your leadership.  

Come into this gathering of Justice.  How we do what we do makes all the difference, join into the other workshops to find partners in the work you do.  

Come into this gathering of Courage.  We are so much stronger and can be braver together.  Building the justice and loving world takes human hands and courage.  

Come into this gathering of Joy.  The whole world needs Unitarian Universalism they just don’t know about it yet.  Be forever joyful because we have one another and all the things that we need to do the work of building a just and loving world.  Others will discover us because they need the values we have to offer - come into these gatherings and network with other Unitarian Universalist partnering with you and supporting your work.

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Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church
1641 W. Hebron Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 492-4940

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