9th and 10th Grades (COA)

 Ninth and Tenth Grades

Coming Of Age

(Beginning August 2017)

During this important year, youth examine their maturing religious identity and diverse UU heritage.

They spend the year in three main areas of study:


- Unitarian Universalist history, traditions, ceremonies, historical figures, and our Covenant of Seven Principles

- Our Six Sources, their major traditions and faith practices, and other world faith traditions

- The Great Religious Questions, such as “Is there a God?” or “Why are we here?”.


The youth are then asked to write CREDO, or statement of personal belief and action. The year culminates with a COA ceremony with the congregation and a Unitarian Universalist Heritage trip to Boston in early summer.


Grades 9-12



10:45-11:45 (families begin in the service)

Room P9 (Portable Bldg. left side)


The high school group will be able to explore a variety of topics each month via an engaging four-week rotation of classes; curriculum, deep sharing, social action and ‘just for fun’ Sundays.  In addition to being a ‘Big BUUddy’ to our younger students, they will also have the opportunity to travel to overnights and weekends with other UU teens from the area.  Plans are also in the works for a service-learning trip in June 2017.

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Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church
1641 W. Hebron Parkway
Carrollton, Texas 75010
(972) 492-4940

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