Art on the Horizon

By exhibiting the work of local artists we support the visual arts in our community, as well as enhance the spiritual experience of all who view the work in our church. We celebrate the spirit, talent and unique creativity of the artists whose work we exhibit. The art work is available for purchase. If you would like to purchase an art piece, please contact the artist or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Current Exhibition

Edwin L. Fuller

Edwin L. Fuller was raised in Denver Colorado. He loves the experience of all mediums and forms – no limits. His favorite mediums are watercolor and pastels. Mr. Fuller has studied art all through primary school, at the University of Colorado in Boulder, at the Denver Art Association and in the Stewpot Art Program. In between he was in the USS Armed Forces/Navy. He loves the study of far eastern art styles: two and three dimensional art such as Bonsai Gardens, ceramics and sculptures. Mr. Fuller loves nature in all its seasons. He still maintains a childlike love of playing in water, so watercolor paintings suit that nature in him. For more on Edwin's story, click here.

Recent Exhibitions

Artist Joyce Landry


I love to create, to experiment and explore with different surfaces and mediums. Acrylic paint, gesso, inks, pastels, graphite, Photography and photographic montage.

I attempt to balance abstractionism and realism using expressive layering of paint and a graphic use of space. Planes of uneven color, gestural marks and calculated drips mark my style, and one single subject becomes the focus of the finished piece. “I have to stay random,” “If I follow guidelines I mess things up.”

In search for a balance between color and texture, I apply many layers of paint and will scratch, sand, spray water and wipe away to reveal what lies beneath the surface of my artwork. You coul'd say that am very drawn to the idea of "wabi sabi", the art of the imperfect. Work in progress, always.

Background: Studied art in C.E.G.E.P de Trois-Rivières, Canada and Graphic Design in Université du Québec à Montréal 

About the Artist:

Artist Nancy Sterling Tyler

Artist Nancy Sterling Tyler just loves to paint outdoors!  Second best is painting in the studio, but plain air is the favorite.  The first attempt at painting outdoors was in the mid 1980’s at Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in a workshop with ten people that actually knew what they were doing.  Nancy was hooked but many years passed before getting into the experience again.  She picked up her brushes to start over in 2008 and has no regrets. 

Nancy was born in nearby Collin County, growing up in Frisco and is a member of the Visual Arts League of Lewisville and Outdoor Painters Society. 

(A new exhibit every six weeks)

To Purchase Art

Horizon receives twenty percent of each sold piece of art. To purchase an artwork, please contact the artist. If paying by check, make out the check to the artist. (Be sure to make a notation on your check about the piece of art you are buying and mark the card below the piece of art “SOLD.”) Horizon Art Coordinators, Patti Burns or Nikki Henderson are happy to assist you.

Guidelines for our Exhibitions:

Our space can accommodate 15 – 20 large to medium works of art and more smaller works, depending on size.

Each exhibition is for 6 weeks beginning on a Sunday, and the work must be hung during the week prior, and picked up promptly during the week following the show.

Any work sold, generates a 20% commission to the church.

Two dimensional work only.

Must be ready to hang, with wire, no sawtooth.

Nothing over 50 lbs.

Any theme or subject matter will be considered.

Any medium.

If you are interested in submitting work for consideration, please email images or furnish a link to a website where the work may be viewed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.