Table Fellowship

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There are many opportunities to share a common table with other friends and members at Horizon. Here are some different ways to meet up with old and new friends:

(Mostly) Second Sunday Potlucks
Once a month, typically on the second Sunday, we host a potluck meal in the fellowship hall after worship. We ask that if you and your family are participating to bring a little extra to share, so that we have plenty for our visitors on that day! Visit  2nd Sunday Potlucks for more details.

Horizon Dinners
Horizon Dinners is an ongoing Saturday evening ministry that meets once a month in people's houses. Each month, a host provides the room, table and entree, and the arranged guests provide the extras. Contact Horizon Dinners coordinator to see about signing up to be a host or guest.  Visit Horizon Dinners for more details.

After Church Lunch Bunch
Each Sunday (except Potluck Sunday!) a group of friends and members go off to lunch at a local restaurant after worship. Visit After Church Lunch Bunch for more information.